From Madison to Sarcelles a group of American students visit JJR

par Lynda Itouchène - Anglais -

So today, we will tell you what happened on Wednesday, Match 15th. At 11.35 am, in our classroom (C206) during Miss Itouchène’s English lesson with my classmates (the 2nde 2). I’ll explain everything we did with our American visitors, so make sure to read our article until the end.

So we were all very excited to see and welcome them. We put some music on when they came in the classroom. Khadija greeted them and told them to sit down. Then, Inès explained what we were going to do for the day and told them we were going to ask them questions. That’s when we discovered that our visitors were : Cameron, Tim, Hanna, Claire and Avery. The rest of the students were doing other activities with Mr Gouraud’s BTS CI students at the amphitheater and with Mrs Carroué’s 2nde group.

Among the questions, Océane asked if "Codec", the neighborhood, was anything like NYC. She said no. Then, there was Hanna. Théo asked her if she had met some handsome guys in Paris, and she said yes. Then, there was Tim. Divya asked him if college was very expensive. He said yes and that it cost him 40.000 $. Then, there was Claire. Diaba asked her if she liked French pastries and she said yes.

After asking them some questions, we played a Kahoot game created by the 2nde2 on French culture.Tim’s group won the game. Finally, we played a quick game of bilingual ’petit bac’, which we didn’t finish because they had to go, so we took a picture and they left.

After such an event, we wanted more students to attend our lesson, but even if they were only five, they were very fun and nice. We all hope that they can come back or that we can go and see them. We hope that they had fun. This is an experience that we will never forget. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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